Drew McIntyre tells Jinder Mahal he’s ‘fucked’ at SummerSlam, John Morrison leaves Miz – .

Drew McIntyre tells Jinder Mahal he’s ‘fucked’ at SummerSlam, John Morrison leaves Miz – .

Drew McIntyre tells Jinder Mahal he’s ‘fucked’ at SummerSlam

In a handicap match on this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, Drew McIntyre shot Shanky and Veer.

With the win, McIntyre ensured that the two big men would not be allowed to stay in ringside during his match against Jinder Mahal at WWE SummerSlam. On the other hand, McIntyre’s sword Angela will be allowed to remain in its usual place during McIntyre matches.

After McIntyre’s dominant victory, he took the mic and texted Mahal, telling Jinder that he was going to embarrass and humiliate him in a moment that will live on forever. He then asked the crowd who they thought would win before telling Mahal he was “screwed” on Saturday.

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John Morrison steps out on the Miz

After The Miz revealed he was healed of his injuries last week, “The A-Lister” attempted to make his case on tonight’s episode of RAW. In a special episode of “Moist TV,” John Morrison and The Miz got into a debate over whether or not Miz would fake an injury. When Damian Priest came out, a match was made between the two superstars after Priest argued that the former WWE Champion faked his injury.

During the match, a shocking situation unfolded, as “Johnny Drip Drip” left Miz after Morrison refused to let The Miz use his drip stick. Priest took advantage of the distraction and knocked The Miz down with a Brogue Kick for the win. Using this move, he sent a message to WWE United States Champion Sheamus, his opponent at SummerSlam, who was watching the match from ringside. After the match, Miz and Morrison’s pair reconcile, Morrison telling Miz that he left because Miz needed to know what it was like to be abandoned by his teammate.


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