Does the UK accept French certificates of vaccination against Covid? – .

Does the UK accept French certificates of vaccination against Covid? – .

Reader’s Question: The UK will drop quarantine rules for vaccinated travelers coming (or returning) from France but are Covid vaccination certificates issued in France accepted there?
The UK government announced yesterday (August 4) that fully vaccinated travelers from France will not need to self-quarantine upon arrival from Sunday August 8.

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This rule was already in place for all other EU countries. France was excluded and placed on an orange-plus list due to UK concerns about the presence of the beta variant.

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The list of fully vaccinated travelers who can travel to the UK without the need for quarantine on arrival will include people vaccinated in all EU countries (including France, from August 8), United States, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City.

To qualify, travelers must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine authorized by:

The UK announced in July that it would accept Covid vaccination certificates issued in the EU and the US

Your proof of vaccination may be in the form of:

  • An EU Covid Digital Certificate (EU DCC) for Europe (digital or paper certificate), indicating that you have completed a full cycle of vaccination approved by the EMA or Swissmedic
  • A CDC card for the United States – you will also need to show proof of residence in the United States, such as your United States passport, visa, or green card

If you cannot show an EU DCC or CDC card, you must follow the rules for those who are not fully vaccinated

You must have received your last dose of vaccine at least 14 days before your arrival in the UK.

Those fully vaccinated and traveling from France to the UK from Sunday will still need a Covid test before departure and a second test to be performed two days after arriving in the UK.

Children under 18 who reside in the United States or listed European countries also do not need to self-quarantine or take an 8th-day test, regardless of their immunization status.

The UK government’s decision to drop quarantine for fully vaccinated arrivals from France only applies to England, but Scotland and Northern Ireland have announced that they will also implement the change.

Wales is yet to follow suit and the government has said it is considering the latest updates on UK government travel.

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