“Do you believe me now, you Pr *** s?” Elderly man collapses in Australian arrest for ‘failing to wear a face mask’ outdoors – .

“Do you believe me now, you Pr *** s?” Elderly man collapses in Australian arrest for ‘failing to wear a face mask’ outdoors – .

In an exclusive report published by the Daily Mail, an elderly man in Australia appeared to collapse to the ground after being arrested by police for “not wearing a face mask” as he walked outside in a Park.
“A man demands answers after sharing distressing images of his elderly father collapsing and suffering from spasms as he is arrested for failing to wear a face mask in public,” he said. Daily mail reported. “The stomach churning incident was filmed on Monday morning at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens after Queensland’s lockdown was extended to stem the spread of Covid in the community. “

“According to the son of man, who shared the images online, he suffers from a health problem that is causing him difficulty breathing and heart problems,” the report continued. “During the arrest, he fell to the ground and started to have spasms, breathlessness and fidgeting as he tried to grab his backpack – which contained his medication. “

According to the report, four police officers questioned the man. They then arrested him and took him out of the park “for not answering their questions ‘reasonably’.”

His partner “repeatedly told officers the man had an exemption and tried to provide personal details.”

“According to the son of man, he is required to carry medication with him at all times and had a legitimate medical exemption from wearing the face mask,” the Daily Mail added, the son claiming his father “has been questioned about why he was there, what he was doing and why he wasn’t wearing a mask… he answered all of these questions.

“Do you believe me now, you pr *** s?” The man’s partner asked the officers as he fell to the ground. She then told an officer to give her a space to administer her medications.

“Here, let me do it honey… absolutely shameful,” she said.

“He didn’t do anything illegal, he didn’t retaliate violently. He behaved peacefully and did not look for trouble, ”said the son of man. “It hurt me more than anything I’ve been through… To see my dad get arrested while having a seizure. “

Police officials told Daily Mail Australia investigations are underway into the incident.

“On August 2, police patrolling the botanical gardens arrested a man for failing to comply with instructions from the 2005 Public Health Act (Qld),” a spokesperson said.

“During the arrest, the man appeared to collapse. “

“The Queensland ambulance service was called upon, assisted and did not identify a medical problem, but the man was taken to hospital as a precaution,” the spokesperson added. “As the police had ended the arrest by then, investigations are continuing into all possible offenses committed that day. “

The Australian state of Queensland extended a COVID-19 lockdown in Brisbane on Monday, as soldiers began patrolling Sydney to enforce stay-at-home rules as Australia works to stop the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus, ”Reuters reported on Wednesday.

“It is starting to become clear that the initial lockdown will be insufficient for the outbreak,” Queensland Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles said.

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