Disney’s Star Wars Hotel will charge $ 5,000 for 2 nights – .

Disney’s Star Wars Hotel will charge $ 5,000 for 2 nights – .

Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy

Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy
photo: Gerardo Mora (Getty Images)

And Star wars has a higher Point behind all the fun laser sword fights and family name based drama is in dreams that he is inspired. Dreams like those of the hoteliers of the Disney company, who dared to ask if they could charge the fools $ 5,000 for a two-night hotel stay in a fake cruise ship that looks like a spaceboat. NSreader ? These dreams have come true.

It is by THR, reporting the release of a new trailer today for Galactic Starcruiser, Walt Disney World Resorts’ latest attempt to leverage the Star Wars branding for the greater galactic good of Walt Disney Corporation. The “Oh, fuck that! »The party arrives early and obviously when you dive into the price of packages for the 2-night holiday destination, who start at $ 4,809 for two guests and only get more exorbitant if you decide to do it free of charge take your child out instead of listening to them complain for the rest of your life. We’d be lying if we said parts of Galactic Starcruiser – about which, more in a minute – don’t look cool, but what the hell they definitely not sounds cooler than it is buy a slightly used Honda, or a good portion of the tuition fees. But, really, who best embodies the spirit of the Rebellion? that’s the kind of people who can lose five thousand dollars in three days of vacation, eh? (Sorry, we just started doing flashbacks to all those people hanging out on the cool planet of casinos in The Last Jedi, Pardon.)

What do you get in return for this large down payment? Well, as far as we can tell, it’s kind of like Don’t sleep anymore was a fake owned by the company spaceship sitting somewhere on abandoned land in Florida. On the one hand, the whole setup is apparently windowless; rather than let one of these haters from the south sun, all windows, including in the cabins, of the Starcruiser will open to “space”. (That is, we assume that these will be video screens showing a bunch of Star wars screen savers.) Each participant will also have a ‘data strip’ attached to their wrist, allowing the complex to track their movements and presumably helping to set up all those little ‘story moments’ that you are guaranteed to have, as if you walk down a hallway, and maybe Chewbacca comes out and asks you to come and help him secure a small business loan. Or maybe it’s like a rebel mission or whatever, but we think Chewie could probably use the help, right? The guy is good at it.

Either way, your “personal story” will unfold over the two nights of your stay (at a rate of approximately 84 cents per minute of wonder), while you are busy practicing lightsaber and playing sabacc and also on shore leave at Disney’s Galaxy Edge park space, like all the poor schmucks who are not paying the cost of multiple emergency room visits to eat blue shrimp at the captain’s table of a fake space captain on a fake cruise ship. (To be fair, there are pictures of the blue shrimp, and they do looks pretty cool.)

This is, of course, still fairly hypothetical, to the point that all of the images on the station’s webpage are drawings, not photos—but the numbers are damn real. Galactic Starcruiser is expected to launch – heh – sometime in 2022.


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