Daakko Daakko Meka.. – .

Daakko Daakko Meka.. – .

Here is the much-hyped ‘Daakko Daakko Meka’ from Pushpa: The Rise by Allu Arjun. The creators unveiled the lyric video for the song some time ago.

The video gives a glimpse into the world of Pushpa Raj and catches our attention at first glance.

The lyrics describe the hierarchy of a food chain in which the more powerful creature eats the less powerful. It could be a metaphorical presentation of the film’s plot.

Allu Arjun’s oora mass performance in the lyric video is the highlight. With long hair, a thick mustache, and a cruel-looking physical appearance, he has the massive looks. His manners are compelling and intriguing.

The melody and the composition of Devi Sri Prasad are particular and contain a lot of intensity. It is unlike any other typical intro song and sounds great.

The lyrical video is loaded with mass elements from the air to the presence of Allu Arjun.

Pushpa: The Rise is scheduled for Christmas. Sukumar leads the Pushpa duology.

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