Crowded events. No masks. Then a Covid diagnosis for Governor Abbott of Texas – .

Crowded events. No masks. Then a Covid diagnosis for Governor Abbott of Texas – .

Energizing Republican voters in the county is important to the party, and keeping in touch with its base is important to Mr Abbott, who faces challenges in the Republican primary next year from several candidates who will do so. consider vulnerable right.

Mr Abbott’s response to the coronavirus last year, measures that included trade restrictions and a mask warrant, angered some Republicans and helped spark a revolt within the State party. Allen West, the former Florida congressman, was elevated to the party’s top job last summer and has since stepped down to challenge Mr Abbott.

But as coronavirus hospitalizations rose again in the state, approaching peaks of last year, Mr Abbott has resisted calls for new warrants. He also banned local elected officials from imposing requirements for masks or vaccines. After leaders of several major cities, including Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, opposed the order and went ahead with mask warrants, the governor took them to court. The Texas Supreme Court is currently reviewing the matter.

Instead of warrants, the governor instead urged Texans – whose vaccination rates are below the national average – to get vaccinated voluntarily. As intensive care units fill up more and more, he has asked hospitals to voluntarily postpone elective procedures and has expanded the use of the monoclonal antibody treatment he is currently receiving. The state health department also requested that five federal mortuary trailers be deployed as needed, although none were requested by cities or counties on Tuesday.


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