COVID-19 Travel List: No More Isolation For Fully Vaccinated Arrivals From France, As India Removed From Red List

COVID-19 Travel List: No More Isolation For Fully Vaccinated Arrivals From France, As India Removed From Red List

Fully vaccinated travelers and those under 18 arriving in England from France will no longer need to self-isolate, as India drops off the red list.

The Ministry of Transport presented the latest COVID-19[feminine mise à jour de voyage, avec tous les changements prenant effet à partir de 4 heures du matin le dimanche.

On craignait que l’Espagne – où l’on pense qu’un million de Britanniques sont actuellement en vacances – n’ait été ajoutée à la liste rouge.

What are the current red, orange and green countries and what rules should travelers follow?

The country will remain in the amber category, although travelers returning from Spain are advised to take a PCR test before returning home “as a precaution against the increased prevalence of the virus and variants in the country.”

Many people are currently using lateral flow tests, which are less expensive, to meet testing requirements.

In a surprise move, the cost for solo travelers staying in a quarantine hotel will increase from August 12, from £ 1,750 to £ 2,285.

The charge for an additional adult sharing a room will increase from £ 650 to £ 1,430.

According to the government, it is a question of “better reflecting the increase in the costs involved”.

Seven countries are moving to the green list: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania and Norway.

This means that people will not have to self-quarantine when they return from these countries, regardless of their vaccination status, although they will need to take a pre-departure test before returning home and another two days after. their arrival.

India, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates will move from Red List to Orange List, meaning travelers will no longer have to pay to quarantine themselves in a hotel for 11 days.

The return of Amber List countries has typically meant a 10-day home quarantine period – but those under 18 and those fully vaccinated in the UK are now exempt, as well as those who have received both vaccines in the EU and the US.

There are four additions to the red list: Mexico, Georgia and the French overseas territories of Reunion and Mayotte.

The government said its decision to remove France’s Orange Plus list and align it with the rest of the Amber Box “once again simplifies the system into three categories.”

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“I haven’t seen my family for 21 months”

But the Green Watch List, which tells travelers which countries are at risk of changing green status, remains in place and is unchanged with 16 countries on the list.

In recent days, the government’s travel policy has come under criticism, including the decision to maintain the 10-day quarantine requirement for arrivals from France, whatever the vaccination status, while removing it for all other European countries from Monday.

The possibility of a amber watchlist countries in danger of turning red has also sparked controversy.

It was later confirmed that the watchlist would not be presented this week, with Boris Johnson saying he wanted a “simple” and “user-friendly” system for travelers.

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Shapps: More jabs means more trips

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said “we have to continue to be careful”, but the latest changes “are reopening a range of different vacation destinations around the world, which is good news for the industry and for travelers.”

The government said UK clinicians and scientists “remain in close contact with their Spanish counterparts to keep abreast of the latest data and photos of cases.”

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the announcement was “based on the latest data and advice from public health experts.”

He added: “In addition to moving more countries to the green list, today’s announcement also demonstrates the need to remain cautious.

“Other countries have been added to the Red List to help protect the success of our vaccine deployment against the threat of new variants. “

Vacationers on a Spanish beach

Labor shadow secretary Jim McMahon said ministers had “thrown the summer plans of thousands of families into chaos” with what he said was their “turnaround on France”.

“While everyone wants to see international travel open up, it has to be done safely,” he said.

“Ministers must explain to passengers and industry how they achieved these changes with clear information on the direction of infection travel in each country.

“Ministers need to be on top of and define an appropriate strategy, provide comprehensive data and advance work with global partners on international vaccine passports so that travelers and industry can have clarity instead of turning back and of confusion. “

Karen Dee, Managing Director of the Airport Operators Association, hailed the expansion of the Green List as a “positive step forward” but said the UK was still “far from a full and meaningful restart of international travel ”.

She urged ministers to come up with a “package of tailor-made financial support essential to help our aviation industry weather the difficult months ahead”.

Paul Charles, managing director of travel consultancy The PC Agency, said the government “is still too cautious” and that “four color classes” remain despite promises of a “simpler” system.

“The government is also failing to overcome the hurdles that prevent consumers from booking, namely failing to give a week’s notice or more before a country’s switch to orange or red,” and the high cost of expensive tests, ”he said.

“Until these issues are resolved, the government will deliberately continue to lock up travel. ”


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