COVID-19: Lockdowns Likely No Longer Necessary, Says Professor Neil Ferguson

COVID-19: UK third wave may not peak before “end of August, beginning of September”, Minister says

Further lockdowns are “unlikely” to be needed to control the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, one of the government’s top science advisers has said.

This is because the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19[feminine[feminine decreased and the average infection rate decreased.

COVID infections are expected to rise again in September, when school and university terms begin and more workers return to the office, but scientists are optimistic it can be managed without some of the severe restrictions seen since the start of the pandemic.

Neil Ferguson says extreme measures likely won’t be needed anymore

In an interview with The Times, immunologist Professor Neil Ferguson, who was behind the first lockdown last year, predicted lockdowns would likely no longer be needed to control the virus.

“I think it’s unlikely that we need a new lockdown or even social distancing measures of the kind we’ve had so far. “

However, the Imperial College professor said they couldn’t be ruled out if new variants deflected progress.

The “caveat” that could change the situation is if the “virus changes substantially,” he said.

But Professor Ferguson added that COVID “is going to transition quite quickly in a few months to be more of something we live and manage with vaccination rather than crisis measures.”

He said the vaccine had “dramatically changed the relationship between cases and hospitalization.”

Euro 2020 created an ‘artificially inflated contact level,’ he said, which led to his predictions in July that the UK would hit 100,000 cases per day after phase four of the unlock.

Euro 2020 saw thousands of people gather in stadiums, as well as in pubs and bars

After the tournament ended, cases declined and Professor Ferguson said the “pingemia” was also having a “reasonable effect” in making it harder for the virus to spread.

The number of COVID patients hospitalized in England has declined, with the latest figures from NHS England showing there were 4,879 patients hospitalized at 8 a.m. on Friday August 6, down 4.5% from a week on 5,111 reported on Friday July 30.

The coronavirus reproduction number, or R-value, in England has fallen and is between 0.8 and 1.1, according to the latest figures.

Last week it was between 1.1 and 1.4. R represents the average number of people each infected person infects.


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