Cost of moving rises as UK moving companies raise prices

Cost of moving rises as UK moving companies raise prices

The cost of moving is on the rise because movers are forced to increase prices following difficulties in hiring drivers.

Some moving companies have raised prices by as much as 25%, according to operators, in line with wage increases perceived to retain and attract workers amid stiff competition for specialty truck license holders.

Angus Elphinstone, CEO and founder of AnyVan, said prices across the industry rose 10-15% as strong demand for moving vans continued beyond a peak in June before the end of the stamp duty relief.

He said demand rose 200% in June and interest in the move had not declined as much as expected since then. “In our experience, the shortage is not just due to an overwhelming demand from home movers,” he said. “We saw that after Brexit a number of moving teams left the UK for Europe, creating a drop in the number available. “

Several moving company operators have confirmed that they have been forced to increase prices for clients by 10-25% and are struggling to keep up with demand due to the shortage of drivers.

Mark Chudley of the Chudley International moving company said he had raised wages by at least 25% to attract more drivers, but was still only able to do about half of the number of jobs he would expect at this time of year due to the driver shortage. .

“There is always more demand than capacity,” he said. “In August we will also have less staff during the holidays and I think that will continue for the rest of the year, although it will not be as bad as in June. “

Cicero Almeida, who runs Dumond, a south London-based moving company, said he could have done at least 30% more work if drivers had been available. He had increased wages by 25-30%, but said the industry was struggling to compete for skilled workers.

“Truck drivers have a lot of choices where to work. They can go make deliveries or drive dump trucks or cement trucks where they don’t have to lift heavy loads, ”he said.

Almeida said he was forced to raise prices for customers as he not only had to increase the wages of drivers, but also saw the cost of cardboard boxes and packaging tape inflation due to strong demand due to the increase in home deliveries and import difficulties. goods due to shortages of shipping containers. He said the company also needed to stock more items destined for overseas, as it was more difficult to organize transportation.

But Matt Faizey of M&G Moving and Storage in the Midlands said he had not been able to raise prices for customers outside of the busy June period despite raising drivers’ wages by around 8% this year, including premiums.

“The salary increases are holding up and that will have an impact on profits. He said he couldn’t raise the prices because there was a lot of competition from unlicensed ‘man with a van’ operators with smaller vehicles who were ready to work for a low price. .


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