Corbyn’s nephew has a savage response to anti-vaxxer uncle after being duped by pranksters – .

Corbyn’s nephew has a savage response to anti-vaxxer uncle after being duped by pranksters – .

It seems not all families are happy with Corbyns, as Tommy Corbyn – son of former Labor leader Jeremy and nephew of anti-vaxxer Piers – has caught on twitter to call his uncle a “tit”.
“That’s all,” he added.

The comment, published on Saturday, comes after Piers was prompted by YouTube pranksters Josh Pieters and Archie Manners to accept £ 10,000 in cash (which was then exchanged for Monopoly money) on condition that he cease to criticize the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Corbyn, who was later asked by a reporter if he was “naive” to accept wonga, agreed and said “yes, he is.”

“In public, of course, people often donate money, but not large amounts… It was a large amount, but they said they had a lot of money and they wanted to help and be anonymous. .

“So I took it perhaps naively thinking that everything would be safe,” he admitted.

In the video posted to their shared YouTube channel, which has more than 1.4 million subscribers, Pieters and Manners said that in order to film and prank Corbyn legally, they had to invest in AstraZeneca and buy shares in the company. for £ 100.

When the couple met Piers, Pieters pretended to agree with his conspiratorial views, showing him the £ 10,000 in cash and saying it was a ‘declaration of intent’.

“We would be delighted to continue funding you,” he said.

Corbyn replied: “This is great! As long as I can accept it without pushing for policy changes or anything of what I’m doing.

Manners added, “We’re not asking for a policy change or anything, but if there is anything that could be done to focus a bit on Pfizer or Moderna… that would be a helpful thing. “

In a voiceover, Pieters claimed that Piers “had started noticing the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine”.

Mr Corbyn could later be heard saying in the video: ‘If people ask where this is from, I’ll say he’s … a businessman who runs restaurants. “

Following Tommy’s intervention, people reminded the nephew that “every family has one”:

Still, embarrassing enough to get roasted on Twitter by your own nephew.


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