Conor McGregor answers questions about his recovery, future comeback and feud with Daniel Cormier – .

Conor McGregor answers questions about his recovery, future comeback and feud with Daniel Cormier – .

The past two months haven’t been great for Conor McGregor from a professional standpoint. At UFC 264, McGregor lost to Dustin Poirier for the second time in a row when he broke his leg horribly. Instead of dealing with the setback with his trademark humility, the former champ-champ immediately erupted into a deranged rant, claiming he easily beat Poirier before the break (two judges scored the round a 10-8 for Poirier) and deplorable statements about Poirier’s family, including the threat to kill Poirier and his wife “while you sleep.” Things have not improved since.

After his explosion while sitting snapped in the Octagon, McGregor went into a cyclical pattern of tweeting something terrible about someone and then deleting that Tweet. First, he doubled down on his post-fight rant, claiming he was “a bad guy” and appearing to threaten Poirier and his family again. McGregor went on to make a deplorable statement about Khabib’s late father Nurmagomedov, then starting a feud with Khabib’s close friend Daniel Cormier.

So with all the unfortunate things McGregor has used social media for lately, it was a nice change of pace when earlier today “Notorious” took part in a little question-and-answer session on Twitter with his fans. . McGregor opened the question-and-answer session by answering the question that interests most fans, saying his recovery from the broken leg is going well and that he will be back next year.

McGregor has also discussed what his return will look like and appears to be mixed. At one point McGregor suggested his return could be 170 pounds, but at another point he said he was returning to a title shot. Either way, it seems clear that McGregor certainly thinks he will fight at 170 again in the future.

McGregor also opened up about his feud with Cormier, holding his position and also shooting Cormier’s occasional broadcast partner Michael Bisping, who recently suggested that McGregor should reconsider his statements about DC given that Cormier is noticeably more. taller than McGregor.

And as with any McGregor event, there was no shortage of family celebrations, MMA accomplishments, and commercial success.

McGregor closed the Q&A with an old staple: the promise to headline a stadium show in Ireland. McGregor has wanted to headline a show at Dublin’s Croke Park for years, and ahead of his first title shot against Jose Aldo, UFC President Dana White said he would get there for the first time. McGregor’s title defense. That promise has proven more difficult to keep, but McGregor, it seems, still has faith that it will happen in the future. This will obviously have to wait a while, as McGregor will be sidelined until next year with his injury and even after that the continuing COVID-19 pandemic could play a hellish role with the ability of the UFC. to promote special battle cards.

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The best thing about Conor’s Q&A was that he was talking about the infamous bus attack, although he might not be aware of it.

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