Compulsory health pass in France from tomorrow: the facts – .

Compulsory health pass in France from tomorrow: the facts – .

Health cards in France will be valid with a test taken within the last 72 hours, or proof of vaccination, from tomorrow (August 9), and will be required to access places, including restaurants and bars.
The pass will be required to access:

  • Cafes, restaurants and bars
  • Health facilities, except in emergencies (see below)
  • Certain shopping centers of more than 20,000 m2 if mandated by the district prefects
  • Long-distance transport within France, such as long-distance trains and domestic flights.

It will not be necessary to access:

  • Essential stores inside all malls
  • Public transport stations inside all shopping centers
  • Emergency care in hospitals, or where denial of access would result in the loss of necessary health care

All adults will need a pass, unless they are medically exempt.

To be valid, the health pass must indicate either:

  • Evidence of a negative PCR or antigen test within the last 72 hours, or
  • A certificate proving recovery from Covid-19.

The official decree relating to these health card rules was published today (August 8) in the Official Journal.

Shopping centers

The district prefects will have the power to require the sanitary pass to access large shopping centers of more than 20,000 m2, “when their characteristics and the seriousness of the contamination risks justify it, and under conditions guaranteeing access for people. essential goods and services and, where appropriate, means of transport ”.

This means that people will still have access to essential stores and public transport hubs in malls, even if they don’t have passes (see bulleted list above).

The decree specifies: “If one of these documents is not presented, access to the establishment, place, service or event is refused, except to people with a medical contraindication to vaccination.

Places of care

The health pass will be required to access a hospital, except in an emergency, or when denial of access would result in the loss of necessary health care.

It will not be necessary to access general surgery appointments, confirmed the Minister of Health Olivier Véran

Negative tests now 48 hours and not 72

Previously, the indicated negative test had to come from the last 48 hours. This has now been extended to 72 hours, the minister said.

Health personnel and compulsory vaccination

Caregivers have until September 15 to undergo their first compulsory injection, but they still have to present a valid health passport from tomorrow even if they have not yet been vaccinated.

Other workers

From August 30, the measures of the health pass will also apply to “employees, public officials, volunteers and other people who work or volunteer in the places, establishments, services or events concerned; when their activity takes place in spaces and at times when they are accessible to the public, with the exception of delivery activities and outside emergency response ”, adds the text.

It also specifies that wearing a mask “may be made compulsory by the department prefect when local circumstances justify it, as well as by the operator or the organizer”.

Fraud measures

The government is about to introduce tough penalties to tackle health passport fraud, including those who attempt to use someone else’s health passport as their own; those who use a fake pass; or those who sell fake certificates.

  • Presentation of a fraudulent health certificate: € 750 fine, reduced to € 135 in the event of prompt payment. Second offense within 15 days, the fine is € 1,500. Third offense within 30 days, € 3,750 and up to six months in prison.
  • Non-compliance by the employer with the pass and vaccination rules: € 1,000 fine, increased to € 9,000 and up to one year in prison for the third offense.
  • Defaulting companies: Fines of up to € 45,000.

Vaccination goals

Mr. Véran said that the use of the pass and the continuation of the vaccination were aimed at avoiding further “curfews and closures”. He said the country aims to have at least 50 million people vaccinated with at least one injection by the end of August.

In an interview with Le Parisien, released today, he said: “We are currently doing between 300,000 and 400,000 primary injections per day, and we are already at over 44 million.

“We expect a low in mid-August, but the goal of 50 million first injections by the end of the month, or more than 85% of the 58 million French people who can be vaccinated, should be reached. “

A meeting of the defense council (defense council; Covid cabinet) is to be held on Wednesday August 11 by videoconference. The agenda will include how and when to introduce the third vaccination or the booster vaccination for the most vulnerable people in the country.

The confirmation of the rules comes as more than 237,000 people marched against the pass yesterday.

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