CNN sacks three workers for entering work unvaccinated – .

CNN sacks three workers for entering work unvaccinated – .

According to a memo sent to the company by its chairman, Jeff Zucker, three CNN staff who allegedly started work despite not taking the coronavirus vaccine have been laid off.
Zucker sent a note to staff on Thursday alerting them the company was changing its return-to-work date, pushing it back from September 7 to mid-October. The change is a result of the spike in coronavirus cases caused by the Delta variant.

The memo also included the revelation that three staff members who apparently entered work without being vaccinated had been fired.

“During the past week, we learned of three employees who came to the office unvaccinated. All three were made redundant. Let’s be clear – we have a zero tolerance policy on this, ”Zucker said.

He said he understood that “we all feel a mixture of anticipation, anxiety, frustration, confusion and exasperation,” and told his employees to take care of each other.

“Continue to take care of yourself and others. And I’ll share more updates as soon as we get them, ”he said.

The layoffs illustrate the tensions many workplaces face as employees prepare to return to the office. Some industries, especially hospitals and other health care providers, have made vaccination of employees mandatory.

Google, Disney and the NFL have also made vaccinations mandatory for staff before they return to work.

President Joe Biden also demanded that all federal employees take the vaccine or comply with weekly coronavirus tests.

New York City and the State of California have also adopted vaccination mandates for employees working for the government.

Some critics of the warrants have complained that it shouldn’t be mandatory to take the vaccine until it has been fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The vaccines received emergency clearance from the FDA in early December 2020.

Despite the complaints, health experts believe more companies will begin to demand vaccines to ensure they are not subjected to further closures or staff shortages caused by outbreaks on the market. workplace.

Legal analysts believe there will inevitably be legal challenges for companies fired of employees for not taking the vaccines, but there is legal precedent for the vaccine requirements.

Every state and the District of Columbia has already mandated measles, rubella and polio vaccines for school-aged children, and New York has an existing law requiring healthcare workers to be vaccinated against a range of diseases. .

Because the Delta variant mainly sends unvaccinated Americans to intensive care units across the country, only half of Americans have been fully immunized. American adults who have received at least one dose of the vaccine represent 70% of the population.


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