CM Punk Returns, Behind The Scenes Of AEW Rampage (Being The Elite Recap) – .

CM Punk Returns, Behind The Scenes Of AEW Rampage (Being The Elite Recap) – .

Below are the highlights from the latest Being the Elite:
* Behind-the-scenes footage of CM Punk at AEW last Friday Carnage. We see Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks looking at a monitor and acting like Punk talks on and on, “talk, talk, talk,” Omega says.

* Day trip to Houston, Texas for the Young Bucks. Dynamite clips shown from Brandon Cutler’s perspective. Highlights shown from their title match against Jurassic Express. Kenny Omega’s post-game attack on Christian Cage is shown.

* After Dynamite, Young Bucks talks to Kenny Omega about the failure of the chair and the loss of his World Impact Championship to Omega. Omega says it’s okay, he’s held back in Mexico, no worries. Matt says he still feels bad and wants to go shopping with Omega. Kenny says he’s done his own shoe shopping before and is feeling a lot better. He shows his Yeezys. Omega leaves, and the others wonder if Omega has lost his mind. They say intervention is needed.

* Leva Bates hanged in a hotel room with Alex Reynolds. Someone’s knocking at the door. Sammy Guevara is there with signs, it’s a message from Peter Avalon saying nice things to Bates. Avalon goes off the track and in his post it says BTE is the top vlog (than Sammy’s). Guevara doesn’t like it, drop the cards and walk away. Avalon walks up and tries to get him back. He looks at Bates and walks away embarrassed. Bates comes after him and… asks if he’s going to pick up all those cards.

* Young Bucks and The Good Brothers hang out. Matt and Nick are happy Karl is here and not this Sour Boy. Anderson goes for something to drink and they watch to make sure he doesn’t show up. Anderson is good, so Matt brushes his hair to some relaxing music while Anderson talks to them a bit. Doc Gallows decides to take a random wiz from Anderson’s drink. Anderson drinks it and takes Sour Boy out. The young Bucks try not to laugh as he continues to speak.

* Milk hanging out in a pool in the Hollywood Hills, Ryan Nemeth tries to hold his breath underwater for a long time. Nemeth talks about a vision he had of being in an egg and hatching. Nemeth says it wasn’t himself or a bird, it was just cream. Nemeth babbles that everyone is connected and everyone is creamy.

* Best Friends watch a movie with Wheeler Yuta. Matt Hardy took the victory over Yuta. Cassidy shuts Yuta’s laptop and Kris Statlander chokes Yuta for not expelling the pin.

* The Elite walked around Chicago before Carnage go shopping. Backstage, Matt and Kenny show off their new sneakers.

* Visit of the United Center.

* 2point0 is looking for the fake Sting in the bathroom. They are still convinced that the Sting in AEW is not the real one. They check a random show and they run into John Silver. Silver says if they are looking for him, all they have to do is make Sting’s call. 2point0 is not doing it correctly, so Silver calls and gets a response. 2point0 fled.

* Behind the scenes, the Elite does pull-ups.

* The Young Bucks are watching the tag tournament match from the stage.


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