Clint Eastwood channels his cowboy roots – .

Clint Eastwood channels his cowboy roots – .

Update: Just hours after the first images of Clint Eastwood CRY MACHO have been released, Warner Bros. released the first trailer for the neo-western. You can check this above. If you’re a fan of Eastwood’s work in recent years, it looks pretty much like the one before; lots of gruff grunts and ruminating on what it means to be a man. Having said that, I will definitely be watching.


Clint Eastwood has adopted many looks over the years, but there is nothing quite like a full-fledged cowboy. If you love your sturdy, leathery, and always in the mood for a campfire kitchen, you’ll want to check out today’s first images for crying macho.

Directed and performed by Eastwood, the Western thriller revolves around a former rodeo star and a stranded horse breeder who takes on a job to bring a man’s young son home and away from his alcoholic mother. On their journey, the rider finds redemption by teaching the boy what it means to be a good man.

“This is about a man who has gone through difficult times in his life and then, unexpectedly, another challenge comes to the fore,” Eastwood tells Weekly entertainment. “Normally he never would, but he’s a man of his word. He goes all the way. And it starts all over again. “

THAT ONE debuted today with two top-notch images, each focused on the 91-year-old actor who still makes the most of his career as a filmmaker. The first photo shows Eastwood looking hissing while wearing a pointy jacket and hat. Maybe it’s a Stetson? The second photo is a bit more interesting, as it pairs Eastwood’s character Miko with a likeable rooster. I hope the rooster joins Miko on her journey and doesn’t end up being a hearty meal for the long way to go.

crying macho is based on the novel of the same name by author N. Richard Nash in 1975. Believe it or not, Nash has been trying to adapt the film to the screen for almost as long. In fact, names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pierce Brosnan and Burt Lancaster were once attached to the star of the project. Even Eastwood’s name was thrown in the ring during conversations that took place in 1988. It’s crazy to think that crying macho has come such a weathered road to the big screen, and now it’s set to premiere in theaters and on HBO Max on September 17.


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