Chronicle sequel in development with the female lead – .

Chronicle sequel in development with the female lead – .

The 2012 Found Images Film the Chronicle was huge upon its release, kicking off director Josh Trank’s career (awarding him jobs like the The Fantastic Four restart and even Venom) and putting actors Dane DeHaan and Michael B. Jordan on the path to stardom. It was also a major box office success, grossing more than ten times its budget at the global box office. In the years since the success, there have been attempts at follow-up, all of which have not been successful. Speaking in a new interview, producer John Davis says a sequel is in the works.

« the Chronicle was literally the best ROI, any of my movies ever made, ”said Davis Forbes. « the Chronicle we did it for $ 12 million, and it grossed $ 126.64 million worldwide. Then he had a huge life after syndication. It is one of the most financially successful films of my team. We are working on Chronicle 2 right now, and I think it’s gonna be awesome. We’re working on it at Fox (20th Century Studios). This will give us a chance to tell the story in a different way. We are going to tell it from a female point of view. It will be ten years since the event happened in Seattle, and much of it will be fake news and real news and cover-ups. More interestingly, it is the next generation that obtains these powers that are corrupting. These are young women who have just finished university, they are empowered, and this is their journey. I mean, what a new and interesting story you can tell there. “

It seems unlikely that the new version of a the Chronicle the suite will use one of the scripts previously developed. Original screenwriter Max Landis wrote a draft for a sequel, but in the years since the film’s release he has been accused of sexual and emotional abuse by several women. Who wrote the new script remains uncertain.

Another reason why a sequel to the Chronicle didn’t happen earlier is that Trank himself tried to disrupt the development at every turn.

“I made it difficult for them to organize meetings,” Trank said. Polygon Last year. “I was fishy about stuff. I did a lot of shitty things. Because I really never wanted to see Chronicle 2 to arrive. It was my worst nightmare. First of all, I don’t. Second, if someone else does it then you know it’s gonna be a piece of crap.

Time will tell if he was right.


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