China Bans Celebrity Rankings in an attempt to “rectify the chaos in the fan community”

China Bans Celebrity Rankings in an attempt to “rectify the chaos in the fan community”

Chinese authorities have banned online lists ranking celebrities based on popularity, as regulators continue efforts to “clean up” celebrity and fandom culture.

According to regulations published in state media, all existing lists that rank Chinese stars are also to be removed from the internet.

Only listings that rank works such as songs, movies, and TV shows can be published, but they should reduce the emphasis on likes and comments, and on the contrary “increase the weight of indicators such as vocational guidance and vocational assessment ”.

In June, the office of the Central Commission for Cyberspace Affairs announced a special two-month operation targeting fan club culture, known as fan quan, which, according to her, negatively affects children’s mental health.

On Friday, he said that the work of local authorities had obtained “some results” and that it was now necessary to increase regulations.

The 10-point list “to rectify the chaos in the fan community” also included an ordinance to “tightly regulate” celebrity managers and companies that run fan pages and other online activities that “push them”. fans to be intimidated ”, as well as previously reported bans. on fundraising activities and children’s participation.

In June, the commission said children were being pressured into contributing to celebrity fundraising or voting in competitive programs, that verbal abuse, online bullying, harassment and doxing took place, and that people were encouraged to show off their wealth and extravagance. He also said that public opinion is being hampered by bots or social media trends that have been hijacked to improve celebrity profiles.

The crackdown has also targeted individual celebrities, with a particular focus on allegations of financial misconduct and politically sensitive actions. It also comes amid renewed interest in allegations of abuse and harassment by stars, including mega-celebrity Kris Wu.

On Friday, regulators announced that Chinese actress Zheng Shuang had been fined nearly 3 million RMB ($ 46 million) for tax evasion and banned from being invited to entertainment programs, existing programs being suspended.

Fendi actress and brand ambassador Zhao Wei also appeared to have been misplatformed, with her name removed from all works on major entertainment platforms, including the popular Chinese TV show My Fair Princess. The reason is not clear.

Last week, actor Zhang Zhehan was similarly punished and deformed after visiting the Yasukuni War Shrine in Japan. The visit prompted the China Performing Arts Association to call for a public boycott of Zhang and his works, which led many major brands, including Coca-Cola, Maybelline and Clinique, to sever ties with him.


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