Chicago White Sox win ‘Field of Dreams’ game on homestroke from Tim Anderson – .

Chicago White Sox win ‘Field of Dreams’ game on homestroke from Tim Anderson – .

DYERSVILLE, Iowa – Tim Anderson recently admitted that he had never watched the movie “Field of Dreams”. Well, he just submitted a pretty good script for a sequel.
Anderson hit a two-run homerun with a ninth inning strikeout in the cornfield to end the “Field of Dreams” game in a cinematic way, as the Chicago White Sox beat the New York Yankees 9- 8 Thursday night in the First Major League Baseball game in Iowa.

“The fans came to see a show, and we put on a show for them,” Anderson said.

Anderson, who had already scored an RBI brace, hit Zack Britton’s first pitch (0-1) for his 13th homerun of the season.

Clearly having as much fun as anyone in the audience, Anderson danced around the basics after the hit with a hit and waved his hands near his neck as he walked over to the house and the celebratory sprinkling on the plate of his teammates.

“Being able to walk has definitely been one of the best times of my career, for sure,” said Anderson, who sent the crowd of 7,832 back through the corn and to their cars – after a light show and fireworks – at the stage made from scratch.

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton each hit two-run homers for the Yankees to top the ninth against closest all-star Liam Hendriks (7-2), as the film-themed return event turned into a contest. home runs in the cornfield.

It was precisely the thrill that many players hoped for out loud before nightfall. There were eight longballs in all, two by Judge.

He also had a Hollywood finish, with Anderson’s decisive shot. What if it was more “The Natural” than “Field of Dreams?” “

“He was the energy, the man of our team. What a leader, ”said interim White Sox manager Miguel Cairo, who replaced Tony La Russa.

They starred alongside the set for the beloved 1989 film starring Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, Ray Liotta, and James Earl Jones, and even the Yankees fans who made the trip could hardly have made it home unless satisfied with the experience.

Starting pitcher Andrew Heaney, who was scored for seven runs in five innings in another fight with his new team, struggled to reflect on the memories that followed.

Yet even if the Yankees fell to fourth in the AL East – and in the race for two wild card spots – there will be no forgetting about that trip for the rest of their careers.

“It was such a special and breathtaking setting for a baseball game I’ve ever been to,” said manager Aaron Boone.

Jose Abreu struck the first blow into the sea of ​​green rods, and his teammates Eloy Jimenez and Seby Zavala followed him with home runs for the White Sox on that vintage summer night in a farming country with the teams in 1919 style uniforms.

The judge wore custom painted spikes to commemorate the film, with the famous “If you build it, it will come” line imprinted on the tongues and corn stalks on the sides.

ERA League leader Lance Lynn avoided a three-run homerun from Judge and a solo shot from Brett Gardner to complete five innings for the White Sox, remaining undefeated in his last eight starts.

Costner started the night off with a star coming in, slowly stepping out of the cornrows – as Shoeless Joe Jackson and his ghostly teammates did in the movie – before turning to watch the players do the same for their forward. match designed for television. presentations. Costner’s address to fans included the obligatory question in homage to the film’s famous line, “Is this Heaven?” “

No, it’s Iowa, but MLB will be back as Commissioner Rob Manfred has promised for 2022, with the teams yet to be determined.

“I wish we had a little time here to figure it all out and really enjoy it,” said Gardner, “but the season is moving fast. “


La Russa missed the game to attend her sister’s husband’s funeral in Florida. La Russa, 76, would fit perfectly on the site, with her team in vintage attire.

“I was raised to embrace the history of the game, and I think too often we lose parts of it,” he said earlier this week. “’Field of Dreams’ is a great movie, and it encompasses everything about family and everything about gaming.”


Both teams were treated to a 27th man on the roster, so the Yankees picked outfielder Estevan Florial and the White Sox called outfielder Danny Mendick. Florial was about as close a player could get to Moonlight Graham, who only played one major league game with the New York Giants in 1905, became a doctor in Minnesota and played a role important in the plot of the film. Florial, 23, has already made 28 appearances for the Yankees this season.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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