Celtics’ Payton Pritchard unsure of whether to play in Summer League title game as team discuss options with keeper – .

Celtics’ Payton Pritchard unsure of whether to play in Summer League title game as team discuss options with keeper – .

Payton Pritchard tweeted on Sunday night that he plans to prepare for Tuesday night’s Celtics Summer League Championship game against the Sacramento Kings in Las Vegas. However, the Celtics are not yet sure if they will allow their high scoring goalkeeper to return to the ground in a meaningless game.

According to Celtics Summer League head coach Joe Mazzulla, Pritchard did not train with the team in Las Vegas on Monday and it is not clear if the team thinks it makes sense to allow Pritchard to prepare for one more game in Las Vegas given the risk of injury involved. .

“I know everyone saw what he tweeted and we are in the process of discussing whether it makes sense for him to return,” Mazzulla said Monday afternoon. “We’re still communicating and working through it. As a coach you obviously want it there, I think we will know more tomorrow morning.

Pritchard appeared to be a cut above the competition in the Summer League in his first three games in Las Vegas, averaging 20.3 points and 8.7 assists per game in that streak. He also shot 57.7% from a distance of 3 points in the Boston wins.

However, Pritchard left Las Vegas on Friday for a “pre-engagement” in what has been called an excused absence from the team. Meanwhile, Pritchard made headlines in Portland scoring 92 points in a Portland Pro-Am basketball tournament on Saturday night. He continued this performance with 57 points on Sunday.

Along with Pritchard’s potential availability for the title game, the Celtics could get other reinforcements in their backcourt as well. Rookie point guard Yam Madar took part in the team’s light training today and could dress up on Tuesday after missing Saturday’s game with a groin injury.

“We weren’t tough today, but he trained,” Mazzulla said of Madar. “He does a great job in his treatment sessions and tries to prepare. He can’t wait to play. We will see how he reacts to the practice today. This is something we will also be discussing in the morning.

The Celtics 4-0 face the undefeated Sacramento Kings in the Summer League Championship at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday night.


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