Cap on cost of ‘scam’ PCR tests, government says – .

Cap on cost of ‘scam’ PCR tests, government says – .

Sthe cruelty of private providers is welcome, if it is overdue – but the government needs to review its own rules, writes Emma Featherstone.
” Eight months. This is the time it has taken for the government to recognize that the prices and practices of the private Covid testing companies that the British rely on for international travel may require more stringent regulation.

“December 15, 2020 was the date that the government approved list of travel PCR test providers was launched for the Test to Release program (later followed by lists for day two and day eight testing, under the traffic light system). However. it was only yesterday, August 8, that Sajid Javid, the Secretary of Health, wrote to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to request a “rapid high-level review” of the practices of testing providers to help protect consumers.

“I know that for too many people, the cost of PCR testing can be a barrier, especially for families who want to travel together,” he wrote to Andrea Coscelli, CMA CEO.

“We have all experienced tremendous disruption in our lives during this pandemic, but it’s not fair that some families are still experiencing further disruption unnecessarily due to potentially unfair practices in the private travel testing market.” , he added.

“It is certainly welcome that consumers are better protected when paying for PCR tests. Bad practices include, but are not limited to: inflated prices (the highest cost listed for a two-day test provider on is £ 399); results not delivered on time and unresponsive vendors and test kits have arrived damaged. “

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