Call about active gunman on first full day of Tennessee high school was hoax, sheriff says – .

Call about active gunman on first full day of Tennessee high school was hoax, sheriff says – .

“It was a hoax. There was no gunshot, no one was injured and thank goodness everyone is safe, ”said Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson.

The incident happened on the first full day of school at Volunteer High School in Church Hill. The sheriff’s office received a call shortly before 8 a.m. in which the appellant told the 911 dispatcher that “he had been bullied and harassed by popular college students and was in the main bathroom of the house. Volunteer and that he was armed with a handgun ”.

According to Lawson, the appellant informed the dispatcher that he planned to go to the gym and shoot his gun.

MPs responded and searched the school, but no suspects were located and there was no evidence of gunfire or gunshot-related injuries, Sheriff Lawson said. A student had a seizure, although this does not appear to be related, he added.

He said authorities were investigating the origin of the call. Hawkins County school principal Matt Hixson said he expects students to be back in school on Wednesday.
The call to the authorities led to the evacuation of students, temporary closures in the area and serious concerns for the safety of all.

“There has been an emergency at Volunteer High School,” the Hawkins County School District said earlier in a statement on Facebook. “Our main concern right now is the safety of our students and staff; please stay clear of the area to allow law enforcement and emergency personnel to access the area. “

According to the school district, the students were evacuated to the National Guard armory where they were reunited with their parents.

Hawkins County Deputy Superintendent Reba Bailey told CNN that a lockdown at Volunteer High was in place with law enforcement and emergency personnel at the scene. Other schools in the district were also closed, although they were later closed.


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