Bronze Age jewelry found intact at prehistoric site in France – .

Bronze Age jewelry found intact at prehistoric site in France – .

Bronze Age pottery filled with jewelry and weapons was discovered by archaeologists working on a prehistoric site in Gannat in the Allier region.
The finds were made during the excavation of a fortified settlement dating back to 800 BC with the pots that would have been deliberately buried around 3,000 years ago.

Hundreds of bronze objects have been found intact, Pierre-Yves Milcent, lecturer at the University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès confirmed Friday.

Two vessels unearthed in 2020 have already been analyzed, revealing jewelry for women or children, such as bracelets, anklets and pendants at the bottom.

Then one of them contained a layer of tools and weapons, while the other contained decorations of tanks, riding equipment and parts of wheels.

Bronze axes were then placed on top of each ship.

“It could be offerings like those found in Greece at this time, placed during the founding or abandonment of the colony, to help ensure divine protection,” said Dr Milcent.

“This discovery, with intact artifacts, is exceptional because it allows us to better understand how and why they were buried,” he added.

Other finds discovered this summer are still being analyzed.

The Allier is known for its sites of prehistoric interest and one of the objectives of the research program is to limit the damage caused by looting.

The region had significant economic potential, in part thanks to the navigable Sioule river and the ground, which provided the tin for bronze making.

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