British rocket launches from the Western Islands ahead of the planned opening of the spaceport

British rocket launches from the Western Islands ahead of the planned opening of the spaceport

A commercial rocket was launched from the UK ahead of the planned opening of a spaceport.

Dubbed ADA, the rocket took off from Benbecula airport in the Western islands Thursday.

Spaceport 1 has partnered with East Anglian firm Gravitilab Aerospace Services to launch the flight test vehicle, named after Ada Lovelace, the 19th-century English mathematician considered the world’s first computer programmer.

ADA in preparation for the launch of Benbecula Airport in the Western Isles

Spaceport 1 is a consortium that plans to open a spaceport in the Western Islands at Scolpaig, North Uist in 2022, for suborbital commercial space launches.

Mark Roberts, Spaceport 1 Program Director, said: “This is a historic moment for Spaceport 1, the Outer Hebrides, Scotland and the UK. “

Gravitilab aims to make space more accessible by providing reliable and affordable microgravity research and testing services.

ADA is the company’s first rocket designed for this purpose.

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The UK’s Space Command, a joint effort made up of the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force, will respond to growing threats.

Gravitilab Aerospace Technical Director Rob Adlard said: “Our job is to offer microgravity as a research tool and testing service, which has never been offered commercially in the UK before.

“Everything from the science of climate change to driverless cars needs assets in space.

“Our aim is to be part of this supply chain for small satellites that will transform the UK’s position in the world in space. “

Last month, the Ministry of Transport (DfT) announced a framework of rules to regulate the space industry and said he had ‘a potential of £ 4 billion in market opportunities over the next decade’.

The new regulations mean space flights and satellite launches can now take place in the UK, with the first scheduled for next year.

ADA launched from Benbecula airport ahead of planned spaceport opening

Spaceport sites have been planned across the UK, including in Scotland and Cornwall, in the hope of making the country the most attractive destination in Europe for commercial space flight activities.

It is hoped that the industry will launch satellites to improve satellite navigation systems and boost monitoring of weather and climate change.

The Spaceport 1 site in Scolpaig, North Uist is one of the many locations offered for licensed spaceports.


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