Brilliant response from cafe owner after customer spotted them buying food from Aldi – .

Brilliant response from cafe owner after customer spotted them buying food from Aldi – .

A business owner stepped out after reviews on a popular site claimed she was buying food for her cafe at Aldi.
The owner received two similar reviews which prompted the business owner to respond to Google reviews.

His response to criticism has been described as “amazing” and “perfect” by coffee fans, reports the Liverpool Echo.

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Two reviews, left on the platform, claimed the owner of the Harbor Cafe Bar in Southport was buying steak and ham for coffee, although the menu did not serve any of these items.

A review, posted by a ‘Stuart’, said: “Unfortunately I will not be eating at Harbor Cafe because of this morning a staff member wearing harbor uniform shopping at Aldi.

“Now you can argue that it’s either to tie them up until their delivery has arrived, or to buy food themselves, but with eight steaks, five butter, eight packs of ham then defo for the coffee then exits to jump in a Mercedes.

“Sorry to disappoint you all, but the products are not what I would call fresh, but if you call them fresh like the ones picked up from Aldi this morning, you’re there.

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“But it might not be that fresh as we don’t know how long it’s been in Aldi’s warehouse so a steak at Aldi costs £ 4 and they charge £ 21 in total 100% profit 5 times more than the amount paid, scam. “

In response, the owner responded to the notice and said the bar does not have “steak or ham on the menu” and is doing a personal shop.

It reads: “Hello Stuart, I was actually doing my home store. The steak is for my husband and kids and the ham is for the dogs. If you were to actually visit the bar, you would see in our menu that there is no steak or ham on the menu.

“We buy our meat from Broughs Butchers in the village, obviously you haven’t seen them delivered 2-3 times a week either !!!

“You’ll be happy to know the butter is for the bass as we don’t use margarine and my husband had the Bentley so I had to use the Mercedes.” Thanks for the review Stuart. “

The owner similarly responded to another review, from a Robert, which said: “All the food bought from Aldi has seen them buy tons of steak, butter and ham can only be for coffee. “

The response to the review didn’t end there, with the business owner taking to Facebook to share the reviews and their response.

On Facebook, Harbor Cafe Bar posted: “REALLY we wonder if these people have anything better to do !!

“The same review twice so I had to respond. “

A number of customers have applauded the “amazing” response and praised the company.

One person said: “We use the port regularly and we love it. Great service, nice people and seen as part of the community. Great answer to the fact, ignore now. “

Another posted: “Love the answer, great answer, I see a lot of people who buy uniforms don’t think for a second that this is what store they work in that they have the right to do.” their purchases for their personal needs. “


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