Breaking news from Afghanistan as Taliban advance: live updates – .

Breaking news from Afghanistan as Taliban advance: live updates – .

Afghans line up for hours at the passport office as many desperately want their travel documents ready to leave for Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday. Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

A statement released by the Taliban on Sunday called for calm in the capital, Kabul, and offered assurances to its residents. He said his fighters were now approaching the city and wanted to take control “peacefully”.

The statement, released by spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, said the group “assured all banks, businesses, money changers that they would be safe and protected under the Taliban and that no one would touch or disturb anyone in their home. Kabul ”.

“All the rich, the business people, should be safe and protected. None of the Taliban are allowed to visit homes or search businesses and the Islamic Emirate offers them full protection and they need to be safe and not to worry, ”Zabihullah said.

Tensions are high in the capital after key towns including Jalalabad and Mazar-i-Sharif fell to the militant group overnight. Video from the city over the past 24 hours shows Afghans waiting en masse at ATMs as people attempt to withdraw cash, while photos show long lines at the passport office where others try to put their documents in order.

Zabihullah also said those who fought the Taliban had nothing to fear.

“The people who try to fight against us, we suggest to them not to do it and they will be fully protected. They can leave like ordinary people. “

He continued, “We will never ask about their past or who they were and we would like to take the city peacefully. They shouldn’t be worried about us. We are normal people And the people who work for the government of Kabul, in the army or other functions, they will all be forgiven and they are all our brothers. “


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