Black couple accused of kidnapping their adopted white children – .

Black couple accused of kidnapping their adopted white children – .

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A black couple in Pennsylvania have been charged with kidnapping their adopted white children.

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A woman even threatened to call the police when the couple’s sons had a tantrum in a playground, reported South West Information Service.

Jennifer McDuffie-Moore, 43, and her husband, Harry Moore, 37, first welcomed twins, Brayden and Trevor, as foster children after being separated from their biological mother who suffered from drug addiction.

They officially adopted the boys two years later. They joined the couple’s other four children – biological children Joy, 21, and Kourtney, 11, and adopted Keenan, 10, and Sanchez, 8 – according to the outlet.

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They look like a loving family, but some people don’t know how to act or react, while others act and react in the worst possible ways.

“A month ago we were playing in the playground and the twins didn’t want to come home,” McDuffie-Moore said. SWNS. “A lady was watching us play and when one of the twins had a tantrum she told me she was going to call the police. “

She continued, “I picked up the kids and she thought I was stealing them. One of the twins said: ‘No, it’s my mother!’ I don’t want to justify it because people should mind their own business.

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McDuffie-Moore acknowledged that it is rare to see a black family adopt a white child, and in transracial adoptions, the reverse is often the case.

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“We were coming back from a family outing in Delaware and we were arrested,” recalls McDuffie-Moore, whose Instagram bio indicates she is a mother of six, “adoptive mother / foster mother,” foster families and early childhood education advocate.

“We had our kids and two strawberry blonde little girls that we were raising with us and the first thing the cops asked my husband was, ‘Whose kids are these? And he wasn’t nice about it.

The officer allegedly stopped them because the tint of the glass was too dark.

The couple said they couldn’t imagine their family without the twins, who were “supposed to be staying for a weekend, and now they’re here forever.”


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