Bill Maher defends Matt Damon from the “Woke Police”, of course – .

Bill Maher defends Matt Damon from the “Woke Police”, of course – .

Bill Maher has come to Matt Damon’s defense and brought up all the usual talking points about “police awake” and how Damon “fucked Liberace” in a movie, so surely he can’t be homophobic. (Mediaite)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez get ready for Ben’s 49th birthday this weekend with a martial arts workout. (Lainey Gossip)

Horatio Sanz has been accused of treating and sexually assaulting a minor in a Saturday Night Live casting party. (Designated)

Halle Berry is realizing about her career and how she totally gets this movie streaming at home, that’s where the people are, which is why she sold her latest indie to Netflix. (Celebrity)

Of Roxane: Wowza.

In the latest issue of the Gossip Reading Club, Kayleigh provides a brief history of People magazine’s Sexiest Man issue. (Gossip Book Club)

Of James: The Demolisher continues to prove prophetic. (IGN)

Of Roxane: There is a massive shortage of nurses in this country right now and shame on this hospital. (Daily beast)

Of Claude:

Unlike her son, Quentin Tarantino’s mother hit the road when asked to comment on her “wish” never to give him a dime of his money because she yelled at him for writing once in. school. (AV Club)

It’s gonna be a bit until we see Noah Hawley’s Alien series, which will add political themes that weren’t there at all from the very beginning. They were aliens and nothing else! Know that this is sarcasm, for goodness sake. (Deadline)

Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer tried to reverse his silly remarks about how we should treat workers like hungry military dogs. Needless to say, his apology failed. (Variety)

Have you ever thought about trying aerial acrobatics? Mobius_Walker, himself aerial, liked the precise way in which Dara Minkin combines explanations and photography in Proximal: an introduction to aerial theory. “Minkin has broken down a series of movements and skills into a progression from beginner to more advanced in the hope that the reader will be able to understand the theory behind the aerial arts .. to know exactly what is happening in the air rather than to simply memorize a series of moves (Cannonball Read 13)

Of Marlet:

5 Shows After Dark: The First Season Finale of “The White Lotus” on HBO, The 11th Season Premiere “The Walking Dead” on AMC + |

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