Bill Maher défend Matt Damon de « Woke Police » – The Hollywood Reporter – .

Bill Maher défend Matt Damon de « Woke Police » – The Hollywood Reporter – .

Bill Maher spoke up for Matt Damon during the New Rules segment of Real time with Bill Maher Friday.

“Someone has to tell me why is this guy still in the niche with online righteousness monitors,” said Maher, the top of the segment. “It’s a phenomenon that really fascinates me, that every two years, Matt Damon, one of the nicest guys in Hollywood with impeccable liberal credentials, once again struggles in the quicksand of Hollywood culture. cancelation. “

Maher then referred to a moment earlier this month when Damon revealed that he had only stopped using the ‘gay f-insult’ just a few months ago and that his daughter had made it clear to him. that it was a mistake to express disbelief that the term could ever be used. even casually. Damon later clarified that he had never used the insult in his personal life – which it had been used as a joke months ago – and that he supported the LGBTQ community.

“It’s not always seen as an insult, but it’s wrong, yes of course, and Damon admitted that when he came of age in Boston in the ’70s and’ 80s, this word was uttered without any thought.” Maher commented. “And now, now he’s thought about it. And he will stop using it. You could say he woke up.

Maher went on to say that Damon was “late for the party, to which we could say, ‘Welcome back, glad you could do that.’ Or we could say, “You came later than me, die.” “

He pointed out that there are too many people in the United States who are not motivated by what they actually believe, but by what will make Twitter react with them through likes and retweets. “It’s called bad faith,” said the talk show host.

Maher referred to a title of United States today that said, ‘I wish I could cancel Matt Damon’ and one of Washington Post who said, ‘Damon has more Damonsplaining to Do.’ He added a title of Vox who called Damon “ignorant” and asked if Damon really is this bad, noting that it delivers water to Haiti and has a drinking water charity.

“And yet he always gets arrested by the police awake for something, he has a rap sheet awake as long as your arm.” “

Maher referred to when Damon was called up in 2015 when rebooting the Green Light Project series for “obstruction of social justice” when he argued that a director “should first be chosen for his merit”. Maher stressed: “But merit first is not synonymous with racism. “

In this case, Damon appeared to resist African-American producer Effie Brown’s demand for more diversity. He later added that his comments were “part of a larger conversation about diversity in Hollywood” and apologized for those he had offended.

See the entire segment of New rules below.


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