Big Brother spoilers: HoH folds a blow

Big Brother spoilers: HoH folds a blow

Par John Powell –

The Royal Straight Flush has been discarded.

Veto winner Britini used the power to save herself in today’s meeting. In his place, Derek Xiao named his real target Christian, one of his own allies in the Royal Flush Alliance.

” We have succeeded ! First blind of the season and the Kings have no idea! Britini laughed at Derek Xiao as they sat on the patio before the nominations.

They hit their fists.

“They have no idea,” replied Derek Xiao.

“It’s the best decision for both of us. We’re playing Big Brother, baby! Britini laughs again.

“It’s the best shot for us and the best shot for the people we want to play with. It’s something that needs to be done, ”said Derek Xiao.

Alyssa, Christian’s closest ally, tried to persuade Derek Xiao that he was making a serious mistake by targeting Christian and ending the alliance while they have the numbers and control of the house.

“If it was one of the other eight, I would tell you the exact same thing. It’s your game. It’s what you want to do. I just think from where you started you gained a lot of confidence. I would hate for you to break it again so soon, ”she said.

“If he stays and you can’t play next week, that’s not right for you,” Alyssa warned.

“He earned your trust last week by not even putting you up. Why are you doing other people’s dirty work? she asked him.

Hearing the news from Alyssa, Christian confided in the former King Xavier member.

– I’m going up, he sighed.

Xavier explained that Derek Xiao doesn’t think he has the numbers to vote against someone like Derek Frazier.

“We have the numbers f —– g! What is he talking about? If I go up, I go home! Said an angry Christian.

“If you come home he loses his biggest shield in the house,” said Xavier who has been on the blind side today from the very beginning.

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