Big Brother spoilers: a simple blind side gets complicated

Big Brother spoilers: a simple blind side gets complicated

Par John Powell –

A guest doesn’t want blood on their hands and lets other players know.

Tiffany met Britini and Azah late last night and told them they needed to be honest with Christian about how they were voting this week so he would stop harassing her.

“I could be forced to say that you Britini don’t vote for him because I don’t want him chasing me around this house thinking all he needs is votes from me and Claire for stay, ”Tiffany told the group.

“It puts her in a bad position,” Azah said of defending Britini.

“It puts me in a bad position because he tells me and Claire that he needs our votes,” Tiffany retorted.

“He thinks he has an opportunity to stay and he doesn’t. I’m not going to let him continue to chase me, ”she continued.

Tiffany claimed it made her and Claire look bad in Christian’s eyes when the reality is that no one is voting to keep him apart from Alyssa, his showmance partner. Tiffany isn’t telling Christian the truth yet as she still has to live in the house with him and Alyssa.

“Alyssa thinks you are all voting to keep it. How is your damage control for that or do you care? Tiffany asked.

“He needs three more votes but he doesn’t know it and he’s pressuring me like I’m the deciding vote and not me,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany told them that if Christian calls a meeting, she will tell him the truth even if everyone doesn’t or doesn’t want to.

” I understand that. I don’t want to be in that position either. It sucks, ”Britini said.

“So what’s your plan?” Do not tell him anything and vote him against Thursday? Tiffany asked.

“It was. The other would be to tell him on Thursday. Today was hell for me. I have been sidelined eight times! replied a frustrated Britini.

Derek Frazier walked into the room and Azah gave him an update.

“She wants you to tell Christian the answer is ‘no’ or she will tell him,” she said.

“You can tell him what you want. You play your own individual game, ”Derek said.

Britini explained that Christian wanted her to bring everyone together so he could ask people about their votes.

“It’s not your job,” Tiffany and Derek said.

Tiffany said she didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but if he approaches her again she will let him know she’s not the deciding vote.

“I am coming to all of you to tell you this because I don’t want any problems. We worked together. I want us to keep working together, ”Tiffany said.

“You can say whatever you want. Just like we’re going to say whatever we’re going to say. If that’s the road you’re going to take, then we’re getting a little bit… you know, ”Derek warned.

“No, I’m not doing it because you’re all lying and I haven’t said anything,” Tiffany retorted.

“Okay, it’s kind of like…” Azah sighed.

” Understood. Here is my thing. When Christian asks me a question, I tell him I don’t know. I’m thinking about it. I’ll let him know, ”Derek replied.

Azah suggested that everyone sleep on it because the discussion was not going anywhere quickly.

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