Biden’s approval rating drops below 50% for the first time amid chaos in Kabul – Live

Biden’s approval rating drops below 50% for the first time amid chaos in Kabul – Live

Greetings from Washington, live bloggers.

Joe Biden faces one of the most difficult points of his presidency to date – as he faces criticism on everything from Afghanistan to the coronavirus pandemic to infrastructure legislation.

An NBC News poll released yesterday showed Biden’s approval rating fell below 50% for the first time since taking office in January. Only 25% of Americans approve of his handling of the situation in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden made remarks providing an update on the situation in Afghanistan and Hurricane Henri. Photograph: REX / Shutterstock

Meanwhile, the House resumes today, and the speaker Nancy Pelosi has conflicting demands from the moderate and progressive wings of his caucus.

While progressives want to prioritize Democrats’ A $ 3.5 billion spending program As the House resumes, several moderates are demanding an immediate vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which was passed by the Senate earlier this month.

A group of House moderates wrote a Washington Post op-ed on the matter, saying, “We can walk and chew gum just like the Senate did. We can adopt the infrastructure measure now, then quickly Consider reconciliation and climate policies to healthcare to universal kindergarten which we believe to be essential. “

So Biden must simultaneously get more Americans out of Afghanistan and keep his own party together in Washington. He has a whole week ahead of him. Stay tuned.


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