Biden slams China as new report on origins of Covid-19 comes out – .

Biden slams China as new report on origins of Covid-19 comes out – .

President Joe Biden has criticized the People’s Republic of China for its lack of transparency after the director of national intelligence briefed him on a report on the origins of Covid-19.
“We needed this information quickly, from the PRC, while the pandemic was still new,” he said. “The world deserves answers, and I won’t rest until we have them. Responsible nations do not shirk this kind of responsibility to the rest of the world. “

The DNI released the unclassified version of its report on Friday. The president had ordered the intelligence community to conduct a 90-day report on the origins of the virus.

But the report’s summary showed the origins are still unclear, and it also cited China’s lack of clarity.

“After reviewing all available intelligence reports and other information, however, the IC remains divided over the most likely origin of COVID-19,” he said. “All the agencies assess that two hypotheses are plausible: natural exposure to an infected animal and an incident associated with the laboratory. “

At the same time, the intelligence community ruled that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, had not been developed as a biological weapon, but that two agencies believed there was no had not enough evidence to pass judgment anyway.

But there were other assessments among individual groups within the intelligence community. Four community members and the National Intelligence Council rated with a “low confidence” that the initial infection was probably caused by natural exposure to an animal infected with the virus or the like.

Meanwhile, a member of the community assessed with “moderate confidence” that the first human infection was from a laboratory-associated incident that likely involved experimentation, animal handling, or manipulation by the Institute of Virology. from Wuhan.

But three community agencies were unable to come together to find out whether an animal infection or a laboratory incident caused the infection.

The lack of transparency means there are few conclusive answers about the origins of Covid-19.

“The IC – and the global scientific community – lack clinical samples or a full understanding of epidemiological data from early cases of COVID-19,” the summary said. “If we get information about the first cases that identified a place of interest or occupational exposure, it may change our assessment of the hypotheses. “

Biden said the United States will continue to pressure China to adhere to scientific norms and standards like information sharing.

“We need to have a full and transparent account of this global tragedy. Anything less is acceptable.


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