Biden puts his head in his hands in tense exchange with Fox reporter after Kabul declaration – .

Biden puts his head in his hands in tense exchange with Fox reporter after Kabul declaration – .

President Joe Biden concluded his press conference Thursday by igniting a back-and-forth with Fox News’s Peter Doocy, whose questions left Mr. Biden resting his head on his hands in exasperation.
Speaking to reporters after giving a speech in the afternoon following an Isis-k attack in Kabul that killed a dozen U.S. servicemen, including 11 Marines and a Navy medic, M Biden fought against Mr. Doocy’s claim that he was directly responsible for the chaos in Afghanistan, while pointing fingers at the deal the Trump administration signed with the Taliban.

During the exchange, he argued that Doocy knew, and refused to include in his report, that attacks on US personnel had simply ceased last year due to the US administration’s promise. of the time to leave Afghanistan by May 1.

“I am fundamentally responsible for everything that has happened lately. But here’s the deal: Biden, before Mr. Doocy’s response provokes the gesture.

“You know as well as I do that the former president made a deal with the Taliban, that he would withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by May 1. In return … he vowed that the Taliban would continue to attack. others, but would not attack any American force, ”added the president.

Part of Mr Doocy’s response was not picked up by the pool’s microphones, but the Fox reporter added after Mr Biden made the gesture: “Do you think people have a problem with not to withdraw from Afghanistan, but the way things went? “

The exchange led Tories on Twitter to applaud Mr Doocy and claim that Mr Biden had instead been stigmatized by the Fox reporter ‘s series of questions.

In his remarks Thursday, Biden said US evacuations will continue while adding that he has asked the Pentagon to develop plans to strike against Isis-k’s personnel and assets.

The series of explosions in Kabul are said to have killed at least 60 Afghan civilians and injured dozens more.


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