Becky Lynch requested to turn heel on WWE SummerSlam – .

Becky Lynch requested to turn heel on WWE SummerSlam – .

There is a lot of anger directed at WWE from fans who are not happy that Becky Lynch is turning on her heel.

While it is true that Vince McMahon wanted her to go chasing a few years ago, the decision to spin her this time was his.

Dave Meltzer reported today that the heel turn was something she asked for. Lynch returned to SummerSlam with a massive reaction, then defeated Bianca Belair in under 30 seconds to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Some have compared this heel shift to Steve Austin’s 2001 shift that led to the downturn in business. Ironically, it was Austin who made the request to turn on his heel because he believed his character was becoming obsolete.

Belair’s booking left many fans perplexed and even Nikki Bella expressed her displeasure with the way Belair was booked. You can click here to hear what Bella said after SummerSlam.

Lynch was originally scheduled to return to WWE TV in a few weeks, but plans changed as Sasha Banks was not allowed to play in the ring. Banks was not at the live events in the Carolinas and she was not backstage on SmackDown or SummerSlam.

For the foreseeable future, the main schedule for the Women’s Division of SmackDown will be between Lynch and Banks.


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