Bears rookie OT Teven Jenkins to undergo back surgery; Justin Fields struggling with a groin problem – .

Bears rookie OT Teven Jenkins to undergo back surgery; Justin Fields struggling with a groin problem – .

The Chicago Bears’ top two draft picks are struggling with injuries. One is much more serious than the other.

Coach Matt Nagy said on Wednesday that first-round quarterback Justin Fields would be “retired” in practice today as he faces a groin problem. Nagy noted the team would be “extremely conservative” with Fields, but the plan is to prepare him for Saturday’s preseason game against the Buffalo Bills.

“He was in a bit of pain, and Justin is the last one to tell you that’s an excuse,” Nagy said. “He’s not going to use that excuse. He was pissed off by some of the throws and like in general yesterday we were all a little bit, I didn’t think we had a very good day offensively. We got to watch the movie last night, go through it and fix it and see why and all. For us, we have to be smart. We want to be smart, and it doesn’t make sense now to push the boundaries with it and risk making it more painful. ”

Nagy didn’t seem too concerned about the Fields groin issue, especially since the plan is for the rookie to play on Saturday. If the team’s medics feared this was a lingering problem, there’s no way the Bears will put it on the field for a preseason game.

Second-round offensive tackle Teven Jenkins, on the other hand, will undergo back surgery, Nagy announced.

“The goal is to get him back this season,” Nagy said.

Jenkins had not participated in any training at training camp while he was treating his injury.

Considered a first-round talent, Jenkins slipped into the second round, where the Bears traded to snatch the Oklahoma state product. Chicago executives have said throughout the process that they were aware of Jenkins’ back problems in college, which presumably led to his downfall on draft day.

“We were aware of back problems in college, but these symptoms are new,” Nagy noted.

New symptoms are cause for concern, especially with back injuries for offensive tackles.


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