Apple TV needs its HomePod mini moment – .

Apple TV needs its HomePod mini moment – .

Apple TV is far from a new product. In fact, it was introduced on the same day as the first iPhone in 2007. Over the past 14 years, Apple’s set-top box has undergone major changes, but it never became a hit like the iPad or even the Apple Watch. Maybe it’s time for Apple TV to have its HomePod mini moment.

The current state of Apple TV

Apple never knew exactly what the company wanted for Apple TV. At first it was basically an external player with iTunes that could be connected to a TV. As streaming platforms like Netflix have become very popular, Apple has had to completely rethink its second generation product, which has become a true streaming device.

The fourth-generation Apple TV was probably the most significant update since then, as it added the App Store and support for third-party apps. It sounded like a new start for Apple TV, but not much has really changed since then. Earlier this year, the company introduced the sixth-generation Apple TV, which is essentially another refreshed model with a faster processor, better HDR support, and the new Siri remote.

Of course, a lot has changed in the TV market since 2007 (or even since 2015), but Apple’s strategy for its set-top box remains uncertain – if there is one. Bloomberg Mark Gurman recently pointed out that Apple TV has “become useless” in the midst of the competition, and even Apple engineers have told him they are not optimistic about the future of the product.

What’s wrong with Apple TV?

There is nothing wrong with Apple TV when we only consider the device. It’s a great product with great hardware and software. The point is, Apple TV doesn’t seem to make sense to most people these days.

In the past, people usually bought an Apple TV because most TVs lacked smart features or had a bad user experience. But now pretty much every smart TV comes with multiple apps and features, including Apple TV +, Apple Music, and even AirPlay and HomeKit integration.

You can say that the Apple TV experience is even better – and I agree. But some people just want to have their favorite streaming apps on TV and aren’t really concerned with fancy animations or Apple Arcade games. The situation gets even more complicated when you look at the price of Apple TV.

Apple sells three different versions of Apple TV, ranging from an older model with 32GB of storage for $ 149 to the latest version with 64GB of storage for $ 199. If we consider the price of $ 199, that’s half the price of an entry-level 4K TV that comes with Apple apps and even features.

At the same time, you can get devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV that will give you access to the same streaming apps for under $ 50. While not integrated into Apple’s ecosystem, they work well for most people, and it’s just hard to argue for the Apple TV award for someone who just needs money. a device with streaming apps.

Apple TV still only exists because it still has to exist. Apple needs a product to be the hub of your home and your TV, and I’m sure most people who still buy Apple TV are doing it because of the Apple ecosystem. But it’s clear at this point that Apple TV is far from being considered a huge success, and Apple could change that if it wants to.

Apple TV needs its HomePod mini moment

It reminds me of what happened with the HomePod. Apple had ambitious plans for its super premium smart speaker, but it never wowed the public. Very few people were willing to pay top dollar for a device that didn’t do much, no matter how good.

But Apple needed the HomePod to get people to use Siri, Apple Music, and HomeKit, so it replaced the HomePod with the HomePod mini. HomePod mini is nowhere near as good as its discontinued big brother, but it has almost the same specs and costs a lot less. For most people, that’s what matters.

I would really like to see something similar with Apple TV. I’m sure a lot of people would consider buying one if Apple offered a smaller, cheaper model that focused on classic apps and HomeKit elements. Apple TV was once sold for $ 99, and that’s a price the company really should reconsider.

There are people who argue that the Apple TV could also be upgraded with even better hardware, which would add value to the current price. Apple itself says the product is more than just a streaming device.

Unfortunately, Apple treats Apple TV like a mobile device. You don’t see any triple-A games available in the App Store, and anyone who’s ever tried developing for tvOS knows there are a lot of annoying limitations. A person who is really interested in games will probably prefer to spend an extra $ 100 on an Xbox Series S.

For me, what Apple TV really needs right now is a “mini”, cheaper model. This, however, does not appear to be in the company’s short-term plans. What do you think of that? Let me know in the comments section below.

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