Animal rescuer “threatened” Defense Ministry aide for “blocking” Kabul evacuation

Animal rescuer “threatened” Defense Ministry aide for “blocking” Kabul evacuation

A former Royal Marine who founded an animal shelter in Kabul left a swearing message for a government aide as he sought to place his staff and pets on a flight from Afghanistan, according to information.

The Times newspaper said it obtained a leaked audio recording of Paul “Pen” Farthing berating Peter Quentin, a special advisor to Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, whom he accused of “blocking” efforts to organize a robbery.

Farthing’s campaign to get the workers and animals at the Nowzad shelter out of Afghanistan has sparked controversy in recent days, after receiving huge public support.

Although visas were granted for its 24 employees and their dependents, Farthing refused to leave without its pets and aimed to get 200 dogs and cats out of the country.

On Friday, the Defense Ministry (MoD) announced that the ex-sailor and his animals were at Kabul airport and that the authorization for their charter flight had been sponsored by the British government.

In the recorded message, which was reportedly sent on Monday, Farthing threatened to “destroy” Quentin on social media if he did not help organize the evacuation.

He said: “I just heard that you are preventing me from taking this flight out of Afghanistan for my staff and the animals. So here’s the buddy of the deal. Either give me that fucking Isaf number and give me permission to go to that fucking airfield, or tomorrow morning I’m going to turn on you and the whole fucking country, and everyone who invested in this rescue , go Know that it’s you, you, who is blocking this fucking movement. Well? “

He continued, “I’m going to get my staff out of here and I’m going to get so many other people out of here on this flight and then the dogs and cats go into the cargo hold. No one can sit in the cargo hold, only animals.

Farthing demanded papers saying his staff had been “approved” or else he “was going to spend the rest of my time destroying you on social media and every other fucking platform I could find.”

He said he served 22 years in the Royal Marines and that he “doesn’t take this bullshit from people like you blocking me.”

Farthing insisted he was “taking people from this country and others on a privately funded plane.”

His “Operation Ark” campaign was hugely successful on social media, but Wallace complained that it distracted those focused on evacuating the most vulnerable.

Wallace had previously said Defense Department staff had been abused by Farthing supporters.


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