Andrew Neil weighs his future at GB News – .

Andrew Neil weighs his future at GB News – .

Tensions were mounting even before GB News hit the airwaves, promising not to “be another echo chamber for the metropolitan state of mind.”

The telegraph understands that Frangopoulos pushed the launch of GB News despite warnings from Neil and programming director John McAndrew that he was not ready to start broadcasting.

“Everyone at Paddington quickly learned that Andrew and John McAndrew didn’t think we were ready to pitch,” another insider said.

“Most of us thought so too, but the GM wanted to move forward and we were told he did it with the full support of the board. “

At first it seemed like a wise decision to go on air on Sunday, June 13. GB News drew 250,000 viewers on its opening night, overtaking BBC News and Sky News.

Viewers intrigued by a new UK broadcasting player remained loyal to the channel as it tried to capitalize on the culture wars gripping the nation with its right-wing stance.

High profile presenters such as Simon McCoy, Colin Brazier and Kirsty Gallagher have given credibility to the new network.

But technical issues have plagued the channel, ranging from loss of sound to shows that no longer air, and sources say this has created tensions between Frangopoulos and newsroom staff.

“Regarding time”

Senior executive producer Gill Penlington, who has worked closely with Neil, is said to have left after raising the constant issues with Frangopoulos.

McAndrew has reportedly quit following a backlash from viewers after presenter Guto Harri kneels live on air in support of British footballers’ protest against racism.

Penlington had been McAndrew’s number two at the helm. Insiders say his decision to leave the chain was a key factor in his decision to follow suit.

“John and Gill were the two adults at the station and the reason a lot of older people joined him,” a GB News insider said.

“John’s departure is a time when people think ‘this is a worrying time.’ Angelos is in the newsroom all the time, ”they added. “He always makes his point of view known. He is an omnipresent presence.


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