Amy Schumer recreates Chrissy Teigen’s birthday video – .

Amy Schumer recreates Chrissy Teigen’s birthday video – .

If you ever get the chance to vacation at the same Martha’s Vineyard home where Chrissy Teigen and John Legend stayed, then you’re bound to recreate Teigen’s iconic birthday video.

the Cravings The cookbook author received over 4 million likes when she shared a video of her leaving the vineyard for Obama’s 60th birthday.

Walking down the stairs in a beautiful cape dress, Teigen sang the classic Stevie Wonder song “Happy Birthday”.

“Well, it was magic,” captioned the former model. “Good night Martha’s Vineyard. I fell in love with you hard !! “

The only difference between the two clips is that Teigen looked glam AF and Schumer was dressed to the max.

the I feel pretty The star wore a long t-shirt that read: “Boat hair, don’t you care. However, she still sang the same “Happy Birthday” song that Teigen did in her video.

“We love you @chrissyteigen,” the comedian captioned the clip.

And we love you, Schumer! You always make us laugh.

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