American Idol competitor sobs as authorities kidnap newborn baby – .

American Idol competitor sobs as authorities kidnap newborn baby – .

This video shows the former “American Idol” finalist Syesha Market absolutely beside her, in tears, as the police take her newborn baby after an investigation by the child protection services … and the video arouses outrage.

Syesha was sobbing as she reluctantly handed over her baby girl to Manatee County Sheriff’s Deputies on Wednesday in Florida. The cops insisted that she hand over the child during a welfare check.

You see Syesha begging MPs not to take her baby… then pumping breast milk into a bottle to send it along with her daughter, who was eventually taken in the back of an SUV.

The newborn is believed to be the second child authorities have taken from Syesha this year. Her toddler son was placed in foster care following a visit to the hospital where a doctor sounded the alarm, claiming the boy was malnourished.

In this video, Syesha asks law enforcement why they are taking her baby girl, and she is told that it is because she did not tell authorities that she gave birth while the legal battle for the custody of her son was in progress.

Syesha insists her newborn baby is happy and healthy, claiming she has all the papers to keep the child and saying the cops should have contacted her lawyer – but in the end she lost her keep.

The emotional video sparks outrage online, with some accusing authorities of racism.


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