Amazon Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick Get Significant Price Drop – .

Amazon Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick Get Significant Price Drop – .

If you were looking to get a smart TV box, now would be a good time to pull the trigger. Amazon’s Fire TV Cube, which typically costs $ 119.99, is now available for a reduced price of $ 99.99.

While not the latest gadget in the neighborhood, the Fire TV Cube is still a great gadget option for cable cutters. It is a powerful streaming device capable of handling 4K videos with support for HDR10 +. It offers 5.1-channel Dolby Atmos audio pass-through via HDMI. The Fire TV Cube provides access to a plethora of streaming services including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV, HBO Max, and Peacock. After settling the dispute with Google in 2019, YouTube is also available on Fire TV devices.

The Fire TV Cube has built-in microphones and a speaker to double as a standalone Alexa device when the TV is off. You can ask it to check the weather forecast, set reminders, or even turn off compatible smart lights.

For those looking for something compact, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K is also available at a discount. The 4K streaming stick that typically costs around $ 49.99 can now be purchased for $ 37.99. It supports video playback up to 4K, Dolby Atmos 5.1 channel audio, and a variety of streaming services. Finally, if you’re looking for a basic streaming solution, the Fire TV Stick Lite is $ 24.99. While this isn’t its lowest price, it’s a steal nonetheless.

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