“All we need to do is get vaccinated” – .

“All we need to do is get vaccinated” – .

Republican Senator Bill CassidyBill CassidySunday Shows Sneak Peek: US Grapples With Rising COVID-19 Cases Republicans Renew Party Battle Over Trillion-Dollar Spending Overnight Energy: Climate Alliance Suspends Exxon following comments from lobbyists | Interior says 35 agency staff died from COVID-19 | More than 400 groups ask Biden to appoint an environmentalist to the PLUS energy panel (La.) Sunday urged his state to get vaccinated amid a nationwide spike in COVID-19 cases, concluding that “all we need to do is get vaccinated” to end the pandemic.
Louisiana is seeing one of the largest increases in COVID-19 cases, raising concerns about hospitals in the state.

The state recorded 6,116 new cases on Friday, up from the less than 1,000 cases Louisiana averaged per day in June, according to data collected by The New York Times.

“We have the power to stop it. Each vaccinated person now protects not only themselves but also those around them, as they are no longer as likely to pass the infection on to others, ”Cassidy told the host. Dana BashDana Bash’s ally Key Biden agrees with abandoning transit of Klobuchar infrastructure package: If Breyer steps down from Supreme Court, it should be Sunday broadcasts as soon as possible – The Surgeon General at the honor as the delta variant spreads MORE on CNN’s “State of the Union”.

“If we don’t want it, we have it under our control, all we have to do is get vaccinated,” he added.

Infections began to rise nationwide last month, largely due to the highly infectious delta variant that has emerged in the United States as the dominant strain of COVID-19.

Cassidy, who is a doctor, said there are two ways to stop the spread of COVID-19: get the vaccine or wear a mask.

“If you have a large percentage of your population that is not vaccinated and your infection rate is increasing, you have one of two choices: if you are indoors, either you are vaccinated or you must wear a mask, ”Cassidy said. .

“Otherwise you run too great a risk of spreading the infection further, packing these emergency rooms more, preventing people with terrible accidents from getting treatment more, because the hospital is full of COVID.” . And there was a choice, ”he added.

The Republican senator told Bash that the way to prevent mask warrants is to get vaccinated.

“On the other hand, if we don’t want mass mandates, get vaccinated. The infection rate is going down and you don’t have a warrant, ”he said.


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