Aldi customer left in tears after ‘aggressive approach’ by cashier at checkout – .

Aldi customer left in tears after ‘aggressive approach’ by cashier at checkout – .

A mother of three was “traumatized” after an Aldi cashier failed to slow the speed of the supermarket’s conveyor belt.
She claims speed prevented her from tidying up her weekly shop, with items appearing in the bagging area so quickly that they fell to the ground “like a slot machine.”

She reported to Teesside Live that the member of staff was “disgracefully rude” and that other customers remained “astonished” about the situation.

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The worker was scanning the food so quickly, the items piled up so high, and the “huge towers” ​​of groceries made it difficult for the mother to pack the bags.

The 35-year-old mother said, “He could see my struggle and when a box finally fell I started to cry and shake. “

“I knelt on the ground to collect food while trying to watch my children,” who are 2, 3 and 7 years old.

“I asked the cashier to stop going through more food and I felt like he was throwing the items at me. “

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The Aldi worker replied that the mother was “obviously not packing her bags fast enough”, and another worker had to step in to defuse the situation.

The mom continued, “The other worker was very sweet and understanding, but the incident personally undermined my confidence.

“Shopping with three kids can be quite difficult without suffering panic and anxiety at the checkout and leaving the store in tears.

“I was shocked that a customer service person could ignore my struggle without any empathy or worry. It is totally unacceptable. “

The incident was passed on to the area manager, but the mother is now worried about entering her local store.

She said: “Normally I come to Aldi a few times a week, but I pushed him away.

“I’ll have to deal with it at some point, but the experience really pissed me off and I’m going to walk away from this particular employee. “

“I never liked the crates. It’s always in a rush, and the area is so small. However, I have never had such a horrible experience as this. “

Since then, Aldi has released a statement about the in-store incident.

A spokesperson said: “Our colleagues are trained to work at a pace that is appropriate for each client.

“We spoke to (mum) to apologize for her experience at the Guisborough store and hope to see her again in the future. “

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