After Germany and Israel, France announces recall plans despite WHO warning, World News – .

After Germany and Israel, France announces recall plans despite WHO warning, World News – .

Shortly after Germany’s announcement and the WHO warning, Macron announced that France will offer the third injection of the coronavirus vaccine to the elderly and vulnerable from September.

While some other European countries are still considering a recall of the coronavirus vaccine, France has announced that the campaign will begin in September.

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In a series of explanatory videos, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that his government has decided to provide a booster for the elderly and those with existing health conditions and low immunity.

“Yes, we will probably need a third dose, not for everyone right away but for the elderly and the most vulnerable at least,” Macron said.

His announcement came nearly a month after Macron announced that the government was planning to launch a recall campaign for people over the age of 80 or with serious health conditions. The campaign is supposed to target people who have already received the first dose of their Covid vaccine.

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As of now, the booster is only available to people with existing health issues and low immunity.

Macron made the announcement hours after the World Health Organization (WHO) urged countries to suspend booster injections until at least the end of September. WHO has called on governments to ensure that the third stroke does not begin until other countries, especially third world countries, are able to procure enough doses to immunize the majority of the population. at least with a dose.

Germany and Israel have also announced their intention to launch a recall campaign from September.


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