Adam Cole reportedly left NXT after NXT 36 takeover – .

Adam Cole reportedly left NXT after NXT 36 takeover – .

Adam Cole was on the losing side in a two-of-three falls game with Kyle O’Reilly at NXT TakeOver 36 Sunday evening. And based on the reports that immediately followed the game, Cole’s days on the Black and Gold brand are over. PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that Cole’s match with O’Reilly was destined to be his last fight against the brand. Regarding Cole’s status at the company as a whole, Fightful had reported in recent weeks that his contract was about to expire and that he had signed a short-term extension earlier this summer that would continue. until the SummerSlam weekend. Sean Ross Sapp then reported via Combative selection that as of Sunday morning Cole had not signed a new agreement.

Neither Cole nor WWE officials have officially confirmed whether he is leaving the company. Stay tuned for more updates.

Cole has been willfully silent on his future over the past few weeks, although he confirmed last week that his Twitch channel would stay live no matter where he went next.

“I love you all so much,” Cole said during a stream. “I wish so much that I could broadcast for a few more hours. But it makes me so happy to broadcast even a little bit, and that’s why when I say, no matter what, there’s a 0% chance this channel is never going to leave. I will never give up on this. I love him with all my heart and love you guys. This is how important you are to me, because you make me feel so important. A lot has happened lately, and I just want to make sure everyone knows that this is not going anywhere. It goes absolutely nowhere. “

Ahead of the release of all reports, the former Grand Slam champion spoke of his frustration with the perception some fans have that NXT is still WWE’s development brand.

“It bothers me a lot to some extent,” Cole said. After the bell. “I try to be a half-glass guy in a lot of ways, so I think there’s an aspect to NXT or the Performance Center where of course there’s development. Where there are people who are hired with wrestling experience, without wrestling experience, with the process to hopefully get to this point where they end up on NXT TV. To say the roster of guys on NXT, in terms of development, I really believe we’re on par with the guys on Raw and like the guys on SmackDown. The development process is something that happens all the time.

“I’ve been wrestling for 13 years and I’m constantly developing, I never want to get out of development. It’s so cool for me to be with guys like Shawn Michaels or Triple H or Matt Bloom who themselves are very open to admitting that they’re still learning. And if these guys are open to learning, we better be, ”he continued. “I’ve always kept this mentality and this thought process that if I don’t get better every year and every game, then I have to get through it. I am proudly developing in this direction. “


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