4 people arrested during protest who did not reach their intended destinations – .

4 people arrested during protest who did not reach their intended destinations – .

VANCOUVER – Police say they arrested four people during a climate protest in downtown Vancouver on Saturday.

Extinction Rebellion had vowed to occupy the Georgia Viaduct and Cambie Bridge “as long as possible” before the rally, but they ended up changing their plans after they gathered downtown on Saturday morning.

“The police would not allow us to occupy the overpass or the Cambie Bridge,” said Brent Eichler, president of Unifor Local 950 and one of the organizers of Saturday’s event.

“They put a line of policemen with bikes in front of the overpass so we couldn’t get on, and they were going to do the same with the Cambie Bridge, so we just decided to occupy that intersection today. “

The protest took place at the intersection of Cambie and West Georgia streets, just one block from where West Georgia Street becomes the Georgia Viaduct.

Vancouver Police estimated that “about 40” people participated in the protest.

In a press release, the Vancouver Police Department said protesters placed banners in the middle of the intersection and staged “a sit-in that hampered drivers and emergency vehicles.”

Ahead of the event, Extinction Rebellion said in its own press release on Friday that it had consulted with first responders and would ensure emergency vehicles could pass through their roadblocks.

“After giving the demonstrators time to express their point of view and organize the demonstration, the VPD agents asked the group to disperse,” police said in their statement. “While most agreed to leave, two men, a woman and a 15-year-old boy refused. They were arrested for mischief because they were blocking the road. “

The four arrested were released after agreeing to appear in court at a later date, police said.

The intersection reopened shortly before 3 p.m.

When asked if he felt the protest was a success, Eichler said yes. Each protest is an opportunity to talk to people and build a movement to tackle the climate crisis, he said.

“I think all three political parties in Canada need to start having real plans to resolve this crisis we find ourselves in,” Eichler said. “It’s not just the Liberals who are failing us. There are also the NDP and the Conservatives. They need to have real climate plans and really put them into action instead of just talking about them.


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