3 lucky zodiac signs in love as of August 7, 2021 – .

3 lucky zodiac signs in love as of August 7, 2021 – .

Three zodiac signs who will be lucky in love from August 7, 2021 may point directly to Mars opposing Jupiter for their blessings.

Mars opposes Jupiter from August 7 is luck and love combined into one for three zodiac signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

It might almost sound intimidating – Mars Opposite Jupiter looks more like “Clash of the Titans” than “Merry Matchmaker,” and yet this cosmic event brings happier news than we realize.

The influential force of these planets trickles down to Earth to bring us something we never knew would happen to us: luck in love. Whodathunkit!

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But – what does “luck in love” mean? Does this mean that we are finding a soul mate, or does it mean that we are finally able to break free from a relationship that is holding us back?

Luck can work in several ways. And love isn’t always limited to love between two people – sometimes that love is “self-love”, and if we stumbled upon it we would be really lucky, for sure.

What we do know is that Mars opposite Jupiter signifies increased self-confidence and a thirst for victory. It sounds like an unstoppable duo, especially if we use that mega power for good.

This is where we can examine the idea of ​​luck, in general; are we just lucky – or are we responsible for the luck we create? However, we are coming to understand this concept of luck – we are about to experience it, as of August 7, 2021.


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