233 staff from 2 San Francisco hospitals tested positive in July – .

233 staff from 2 San Francisco hospitals tested positive in July – .

At least 233 staff from two major San Francisco hospitals, most fully vaccinated, tested positive for the coronavirus this month, and most, according to a hospital official, involved the highly contagious Delta variant.

Some of the cases were asymptomatic, most involved mild to moderate symptoms and only two required hospitalization, officials said. The infections were determined to be related to Delta, as most of the samples in San Francisco were tested for the variant, which is now dominant in the city.

About 75 to 80 percent of the more than 50 infected staff at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital have been fully vaccinated, hospital chief medical officer Dr Lukejohn Day said in an interview on Saturday. The University of California, San Francisco Medical Center said in a statement on Friday that 153 of its 183 infected staff had been fully vaccinated.

The UCSF medical center statement said two of the infected staff had to be hospitalized. None of the infected staff at San Francisco General were hospitalized and most had mild to moderate symptoms, Dr Day said. The asymptomatic cases were discovered through contact tracing.


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