20-year-old mother who survived Manchester Arena attack 4 years ago was found dead in her bedroom – .

20-year-old mother who survived Manchester Arena attack 4 years ago was found dead in her bedroom – .

A young mother has died four years after surviving the Manchester Arena attack.
Eve Aston, 20, was killed on July 23, with the cause of death currently unknown.

The Wolverhampton woman was at Ariana Grande in Manchester on May 22, 2017 when a deadly explosion ravaged the arena, Birmingham Mail reported.

The attack, launched by Salman Ramadan Abedi, ended the lives of 22 people.

Eve struggled to deal with loud noises after the explosion and suffered from PTSD, her mother Amanda said.

Eve struggled to cope with the aftermath of the bombing


Eve Aston/Facebook)

She was found in her room in Finchfield by her father Andrew, 43, last month.

The cause of her death is not yet known, Amanda wrote on a fundraising page for her funeral.

Amanda, 55, said: “From the moment she was born she was a joyful soul, she had a very funny sense of humor and was a daddy’s girl.

“She always had friends around her and spent sleepovers. She had a lot of friends for whom she was always there.

“She had some really good jokes with her siblings. “

Amanda has declared Ariana Grande to be Eve’s “idol”.

The 20-year-old mourned the 22 dead, her mother said


Eve Aston/Facebook)

“She went to Ariana Grande’s concert with her dad and had makeup on to be there, Ariana was her idol. She could sing every note, ”she added.

“They were on the other side, not where the bomb went off. She has since returned to Manchester and loves to lay flowers for people.

“After the concert, she started to suffer from PTSD. She loved cars and was looking for work with cars, but her depression worsened.

“She couldn’t sleep or hear a bang after the concert. She cried on the 22nd. “

Amanda said that Eve seemed to have come to herself in the last two weeks of her life, but that she had lost a lot of weight.

“Her daddy found her in her room, we’re still waiting to find out what happened,” she continued.

“We are heartbroken, it’s like a bad dream. It’s like she’s going to come back through the door and say “I got you!” “.

“She left such a big hole, everyone says they can’t believe it. “

Eve’s mother said the family were heartbroken after her death


andiamanda.aston / Facebook)

The mom added, “She was such a beautiful person and she should be here.

“We want to give her a good start, you shouldn’t have to bury your daughter.”

“I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. “

Over £ 3,700 was raised to reach the goal of £ 4,500 for Eve’s funeral.

To view the fundraiser, click here.


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