10 biggest mistakes MCU heroes make – .

10 biggest mistakes MCU heroes make – .

The heroes of the MCU have saved countless lives in their careers, and the entire universe owes them its survival. However, that doesn’t mean they always make the right choice. Even the most selfless and powerful Avengers have been subject to serious mistakes, which ultimately endangered the lives of those they sought to protect.

Of course, no hero is flawless, but some mistakes are more serious than others. While several errors in judgment were prevented from spiraling out of control thanks to timely interventions (like Iron Man coming to Spider-Man’s rescue at the Homecoming Ferry), others have had dire repercussions for the people of the MCU. In some cases, the mistakes made by the heroes have caused many victims and terrible suffering.

The following blunders will be ranked based on their inherent stupidity, the consequences that flow from them, and the extenuating circumstances affecting the judgment of the heroes at the time.

On the subject of extenuating circumstances, actions resulting from brainwashing or infant indoctrination will not be counted (that is, Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff will not be featured here for their murderous backgrounds).

With that, it’s time to let go of sanity and relive some of the biggest mistakes in Marvel history!

Tony Stark’s initial decision to give the “Mandarin” his address and call him on TV was understandable; a friend of his was almost killed and he was already suffering from psychological problems. However, his utter failure to prepare for an attack is much harder to ignore.

While aware of the cruelty and intelligence behind the Mandarin campaign, Tony made the classic mistake of underestimating his enemy. He failed to use his many resources and allies, ranging from a vast armada of costumes to his Avengers colleagues, whose help would have facilitated the meat of helicopters sent to Malibu.

Tony’s failure to prepare was particularly highlighted by his rejection of Pepper’s desire to escape, not to mention the fact that he only realized what was going on when Maya Hansen – someone working with Aldrich Killian – told him about an approaching missile on TV! If the lasting consequences of Tony’s mistake hadn’t been limited to the loss of his house, it would have been much higher.


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